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Sat, May. 19th, 2007, 11:32 pm
juggleboy720: Rustic Reunion?

Here's a note I got from a friend of mine from Portland about a possible Rustic Overtones reunion:

"Tony,Jon & Spencer were on the air Friday @ 5 (well actually 5:30 by the time they got in the studio & revealed who the "mystery" guests who had been trying to disguise their voices were. Despite disguised voices, I thought I recognized spencer's voice & I had a weird feeling that something like this was up, so I stayed sitting in my car until they stopped teasing & finally made the announcement) They said that they've been practicing weekly for a few months now & are currently in the studio (Wymans), recording stuff that they never got to release. They joked that they are "not Rustic Overtones" & there is no "reunion" tour, but that they are all going to form a Rustic Overtones cover band. On air Spencer came up with that they will be called "Iron boots, Maine's premier Rustic Overtones cover band" LOL, Pretty much the original line up tho (Dave,Spence,Jon,Jay,Ryan,Tony & I'm not sure whether they said Dave Noyes too or not, although their myspace pg has him listed). & they did say that myspace/rusticovertones is their pg. So that's the official word on CYY."

I've been holding out on believing the talk for the past couple of months but with this and some of the other info on the PSC message board I'm wiling to start getting MAD excited.

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